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  • The distant rocks of the Isle of Wight are the perfect writing companion after a busy week working with some of the design icons of Lymington, just one of the few superyacht design quarters of the UK. But, before we...

  • Porto Montenegro is the world’s finest platform for charter. After growing exponentially over the last few years, both in terms of size and reputation, we take a look at the details behind the great superyacht migration turning Porto Montenegro into...

  • The latest project from the drawing board of Malcolm McKeon, the MM341 is a 34-metre sailing yacht designed with a focus on global cruising with a hidden racing edge.

How it Works

In this video clip you will see all the different stages Moor Smart / Smart Ship goes through in order to successfully dock your vessel.

Watch as the distance detectors and hydraulic arms step into action resulting in a securely docked boat with all services seamlessly connected.