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Welcome to Smart Ship

Smart Ship is the latest and most innovative piece of docking technology to hit the waters.

Smart Ship is designed to combine with current autopilot systems in order to enable fully automated ship operation, at all times, removing the necessity of crew, ropes and loose power, water & fuel supply lines to dock and refuel your yacht, so there can be a seamless transition from/to the ocean going autopilot to/from Smart Ship.

Although there are other automated systems designed for private yachts, they are not fully automated. Different grades of Smart Ship are available from fully automated docking to semi-automated docking.

Behind the technology

From any point, out at sea, the captain can activate Smart Ship in order to guide the boat to the nearest available berth.

Upon arrival at the berth, the retractable hydraulic arms will dock the boat and all marina utilities (such as water, electricity and fuel supplies) will be delivered via the arms.

Smart Ship includes autopilot characteristics with GPS, radar, wind sensors, depth sensors, ship displacement, hydraulic arms and distance detectors.
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